Starsky and Hutch Ado About Nothing


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Wowsers! November, 1973! Mismatched buddy cop duo Claudia Starsky and Benedick "Hutch" Hutchinson have ruined yet another drug bust through their comical ineptitude! Enraged, straight-talking police chief Pedro gives our dynamic duo an ultimatum: infiltrate the drug gang of the infamous Don Juan and help bring it down from the inside, or hand over your badges! Can our dynamic duo successfully sneak their way into this dastardly group and save the day? Gunfights! Ridiculous car chases! Romance! Suspense! And a twist ending that will leave you shocked! It's the UWA Pantomime Society's 36th show and boy was it a doozy! Whether you’re a first-time fan or a seasoned panto veteran, this show will keep you in suspense all night!
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