In the second semester of 2003, a group of students performed a pantomime at Currie Hall (now University Hall) and they liked it so much that they established the UWA Pantomime Society in 2004. Since then, we have performed an original comedy show each semester, and since 2010 also at Christmas. All of our shows are listed here, with photos and links to our scripts, programmes, posters, and - in many cases - recordings of the shows themselves.

Photographs shown on this site were taken by Clarence Paul, Rachelle Kearney, Gopher Whitely, Dani Barrington, Karsten Jackson, Andrea Wang, Buz Mostyn, Lois Mitchell, Noemie Legendre, Ivo Vekemans, James French, Emma Clowes, Sally McMaster, Rebecca Wright, Emily Lloyd, Jeremy Cole, Alysha Macri, Kat Gee, Robert Palmer, Ellie Balson, Levi Buzolic, Ash Heitman, Mike Black, Liam Smith, Bronwyn Hughes, Byron Wheeler, Nicola Macri, Alaura Evans and many more! Many of the assets for our shows are also available on our flickr page.

Show Archive

Christmas, 2017A Princess' Guide to Dragon SLaying
Semester 2, 2017Starsky and Hutch Ado About Nothing
Semester 1, 2017Spy School Musical
Christmas, 2016Sleeping Beauty: A New Era
Semester 2, 2016Snow White and the Seven Deadly Sins
Semester 1, 2016The Revengers
Christmas, 2015Robin Hood: How King Grinchard Stole Nottingham
Semester 2, 2015Friday the 14th: A Romantic Horrordy
Semester 1, 2015The Greek, the Bad and the Godly
Christmas, 2014The Snow Queen's Heir
Semester 2, 2014Captain Harlot and the EDF Travesty
Semester 1, 2014The Titanic Job: An Atlantean Sub Plot
Christmas, 2013Alice in Wonderland
Semester 2, 2013The Wonka Games
Semester 1, 2013Nightmare on Wall Street
Christmas, 2012Peter Pan: A Fairy Tale
Semester 2, 2012Prince Charming vs. The World
Semester 1, 2012The Sound of Murder
Christmas, 2011Jack and the Beanstalk
Semester 2, 2011The Strange Case of Dr. Seuss and Mr. Hyde
Semester 1, 2011Scooby-Doo Origins: The Legend of the Frumious Bandersnatch
Christmas, 2010The Princess and the Pea
Semester 2, 2010Macbeth in Space: A Romantic Comedy
Semester 1, 2010Sex, Drugs and The Holy Grail: The King Arthur Experience
Semester 2, 2009E.RRRRRR! A Medical Drama... with Zombies
Semester 1, 2009James Bond in Alice's Wonderland
Semester 2, 2008A Very Young and Restless Fairytale
Semester 1, 2008The Phacebook Four and the Rising Phallacy
Semester 2, 2007Sherlock Holmes and the Hound of Pantopolis
Semester 1, 20072057: A Time Odyssey... in 3D!
Semester 2, 2006Gary Potter and the Greased Wand
Semester 1, 2006Nursery Rhyme Princess: UNCUT
Semester 2, 2005The Fellowship of Middle Oz
Semester 1, 2005Indiana Jones and the Mystery of Pleasure Island
Semester 2, 2004There's Something About Aladdin
Semester 1, 2004Robin Hood's BIG Beanstalk
Semester 2, 2003The Search for Peter Pan's Nether Nether Regions