This area of the website contains material relevant to members of the Society: a record of past and current Committees and Production Teams, an archive of documents (including such things as our Constitution and minutes from Biannual General Meetings), a list of awards both won and given by the Society, and information about less theatrical events we have had.

The forum has fallen out of use in recent years but may be accessed here.

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"The Where, Why and Wherefore" - A Word From Our Founders

We'd been rather keen on Panto at Bristol University, so were quite upset to move to UWA and discover that not only was there no Pantosoc, but that most people thought Pantomime was a lot of silent guys waving their arms around. However, it didn't take us long to 're-educate' the people we met and pretty soon there was a UWA Pantosoc, firstly in our colleges and then University wide as interest grew. And now it looks like UWA Pantosoc is here to stay - a society for great people who love having a laugh and don't take themselves too seriously... oh, and if we can put on a decent play at the end of it then that is an added bonus!

- Isabel 'Buz' Mostyn, Co-Founder

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