This page lists the awards won and given by the Society.

The Award-Winning UWA Pantomime Society

The Society itself has won a number of awards.

UWA Relay for Life: Highest Fundraising Club 2010
UWA Student Guild: Best Club 2011
UWA Student Guild: Best Club 2012
UWA Relay for Life: Highest Fundraising Club 2012
UWA Relay for Life: Highest Fundraising Club 2013

Cast and Crew Awards

The Cast and Crew Awards are joke awards given out by the directors of each show to everyone in the cast and crew. These are links to PDFs that will open in another window.

Semester 1, 2005 (Indiana Jones and the Mystery of Pleasure Island)
Semester 2, 2005 (The Fellowship of Middle Oz)
Semester 1, 2006 (Nursery Rhyme Princess: UNCUT)
Semester 2, 2007 (Sherlock Holmes and the Hound of Pantopolis)
Semester 1, 2008 (The Phacebook Four and the Rising Phallacy)
Semester 2, 2010 (Macbeth in Space: A Romantic Comedy)
Semester 1, 2012 (The Sound of Murder)
Semester 2, 2012 (Prince Charming vs. The World)
Semester 1, 2013 (Nightmare on Wall Street)
Semester 2, 2013 (The Wonka Games)
Christmas, 2013 (Alice in Wonderland)
Semester 1, 2014 (The Titanic Job: An Atlantean Sub Plot)
Semester 2, 2014 (Captain Harlot and the EDF Travesty)
Christmas, 2014 (The Snow Queen's Heir)
Semester 1, 2015 (The Greek, the Bad and the Godly)
Semester 2, 2015 (Friday the 14th: A Romantic Horrordy)
Semester 1, 2016 (The Revengers)

Life Membership

Life Membership is bestowed on those nominated individuals who have "gone above and beyond the call of duty to contribute to the culture of the Society". Until 2013 eligibility was determined at a BGM by popular vote, in accordance with constitutional amendment regulations (because the names were recorded in the constitution). To circumvent social pressure arising from voting in front of the nominee, and to allow more time for consideration of eligibility (up to that point there was no warning prior to the vote), Life Members are now elected by the decision of an anonymous jury. If you would like to nominate someone for Life Membership you can find the application form and details of the procedure here.

Candice Maberly - Added 19th May 2009

Danielle Barrington - Added 19th May 2009

Scott Murray - Added 19th May 2009

Ivo Vekemans - Added 19th May 2009

Stephen "Gopher" Whitely - Added 19th May 2009

Lois Mitchell - Added 13th Oct 2010

Robert Palmer - Added 22nd May 2013
For leading the introduction of Christmas pantomimes to our annual activities

The Jack Award

The Jack Award was previously awarded every semester to the cast or crew member who provided the most "entertaining" performance at a semester show's afterparty. A trophy was made out of the statue of IshBar B'ee from Indiana Jones and the Mystery of Pleasure Island, but it has gone missing. It looked like this.

Semester 1, 2004 - Justin Blackford
Semester 2, 2004 - Vivian Molan
Semester 1, 2005 - Andrea McNamara
Semester 2, 2005 - Candii Maberly
Semester 1, 2006 - Karsten Jackson
Semester 2, 2006 - Josh Veitch
Semester 1, 2007 - Anna Greble
Semester 2, 2007 - Brad Kinsella
Semester 1, 2008 - Brad Kinsella
Semester 2, 2008 - Jo Suckling
Semester 1, 2009 - Lois Mitchell
Semester 2, 2009 - Sam Cochran
Semester 1, 2010 - Ryan Harries
Semester 2, 2010 - David Tyers
Semester 1, 2011 - Claire Abbott
Semester 2, 2011 - Ben Reynolds
Semester 1, 2012 - Ben Swallow & Laura Williams
Semester 2, 2012 - Daniel Searson
Semester 1, 2013 - Ash Heitman
Semester 2, 2013 - Cat Coetzer & Ish Ryden-Hale
Semester 1, 2014 - Andrew Connell, Brad Griffin & Liam Smith
Semester 2, 2014 - Hayley Edwards
Semester 1, 2015 - Ash Heitman

The Optimus Prime Award for Awesomeness

The Optimus Prime Award is given in recognition of the efforts of those who go beyond the duties of elected positions (i.e., aren't in one) to help out in production week. The Award began in the first semester of 2009, but winners were not recorded for several years so there are a few gaps in the record. The Junior Optimus Prime Award is sometimes given as a second award to recognise the efforts of members in their first year of panto, typically but not always in their first show.

Semester 1, 2009 - Alex Leonzini
Semester 1, 2010 - Sally McMaster
Semester 1, 2011 - Lois Mitchell
Semester 2, 2011 - Laura Hodge, Steven Correia & Kat Gee
and Junior Optimus Prime Award for Semester 2, 2011 - Drew Thornton
Christmas, 2011 - Shanii Austin
Semester 1, 2012 - Laura Hodge
Semester 2, 2012 - Adam Heap
and Junior Optimus Prime Award for Semester 2, 2012 - Sarah Coulton
Christmas, 2012 - Laura Hodge
Semester 1, 2013 - Steven Correia
Christmas, 2013 - Laura Hodge
and Junior Optimus Prime Award for Christmas, 2013 - Scarlet Davis
Semester 1, 2014 - Katherine Italiano
Christmas, 2014 - Mandy Moe Pwint Tu
Semester 1, 2015 - Corin Rowell
and Junior Optimus Prime Award for Semester 1, 2015 - Damian Cronin

The Herp Derp Award

The rarely-awarded Herp Derp Award (also known as The Adam Heap Memorial Herp Derp Award) was designed to recognise feats of outstanding ineptitude during production week.

Semester 1, 2009 - Brad Kinsella (retroactive)
For being so bad at drawing ovals on a flat that he was banned from prop-making, despite being a director. He was later given an oval-shaped sponge to compensate.

Semester 2, 2010 - Adam Heap (inaugural)
For standing in a tray of white paint while preparing a backdrop and getting the paint everywhere, including his new $60 jeans, which he replaced with a "man jumper skirt".

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