2014 - 10th Anniversary

On the 1st of March, 2014, we celebrated our 10th anniversary as a UWA Student Guild-affiliated society. Participants from our entire history were invited to attend a night of 'fun, food and the most embarassing photo we could find of you in our archive!' at The Vic Hotel in Subiaco. An enjoyable night was had by all (as far as we know).

Speeches by current members Adam Heap and Ben Reynolds, and by early members Rachelle Kearney and Stephen Whitely.

The posters we used for decoration at the event, by Drew Thornton, are also available on our flickr page.

The doubled photos at the bottom of the photos page, taken by John McCabe-Dansted, are stereoscopic 3D! Cross your eyes until the images fully overlap to see the effect. (If you have trouble, click on the larger popup image to see the fullsize version and then zoom out until it is at a more suitable size.)
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